One Dollar Can Change the World!


                 -$1.00 That Truly Can Change the World!-         

Your $1.00 today can start a small school in Indonesia tomorrow. Your $1.00 today, can buy a wood stove to keep a Native American family warm in New Mexico next winter. Just $1.00 can buy food and medical care for dozens of deserving animals at an animal sanctuary in Belize. Your one single dollar can dig a well in West Africa to supply an entire village with fresh drinking water for years to come. And these are just a few of the things that your $1.00 gift can start bringing to this world tomorrow! So you see, “$1.00 really CAN change the world!”


Hi. My name is Jim Whitcomb, and I live a few miles northeast of Buffalo, New York. My photo is on the "members" page of this website, if you want to see it. The projects you read about above are only a sample of the projects that I have been planning to accomplish for the past 7+ years now. In 2004, after returning from a trip to visit a doctor friend of mine in Kazakhstan, I began this “dream” to create a small aid organization that has come to be known as “Jim’s Projects.” Since then I have established friends and relationships with wonderful people all around the world. Some are teachers, some doctors, social service workers, even graduates of diplomatic academies. And each one of them has a strong desire to make the world a better place for all of us. I also have well-established organizations in numerous locations who are ready and happy to work with me, as soon as I have the ability to do it. You can read a full description of me and “Jim’s Projects” by going to All we are now lacking is the cash to get these wonderful projects completed. I have accomplished what I could since this began, using only my own very limited resources. And some special and meaningful things have been accomplished. But so much more is just waiting daily to begin! That is where I need your  help. Together, we can accomplish so much more.


It should be noted that American money goes much further in these other parts of the world. For example, $1.00 USD can spend like $45.00 in rural Vietnam or India. So even a small donation truly can make a significant difference in people’s lives. The dream is to offer hope to forgotten orphanages and people in tiny villages that desperately need someone’s caring and compassion. It is what I have always wanted “Jim’s Projects” to be all about.

Having friends and future co-workers who grew up in these parts of the world is very helpful in many ways too. Through them we can reach out to the local communities in ways I could never do on my own. They know the culture, the customs, and what the people and children need most. And they know it in a way that a “visiting American” never could. This will allow each and every dollar of your donations to go where it is needed most! Not a penny will be wasted. We have no fancy offices or “PR firms” using up the money. It is just me and my friends working together to bring help and comfort to those in greatest need.


Please feel free to copy/paste this letter, and forward it anywhere you think could help us achieve our goals! That includes discussion boards, your friends and contacts, Facebook “walls”, Twitter “tweets”, or anywhere else your imagination may lead you. Using the link will make it easier to pass along this information, if you wish to help us with that. And if you have any other helpful suggestions on ways to spread the word, please let me know that too. My personal e-mail is “Viral” can bring miraculous things into this internet-connected world! Let’s use that amazing power together.


$1.00, one time. That’s all I ask of anyone. Anything beyond that is deeply appreciated too, needless to say. But one dollar, one time, will do it. I wish our “good intentions” alone were enough to make all of this happen. But in this world, as we all know, you can’t even get a paper-clip without the money to pay for it. It is the same with all you read about here. If, however, with your kind help, we can generate enough funding to get these projects underway, I will be posting regular updates, photos, videos, and a “daily blog” on my website so you all can be a part of this “adventureright along with us! I want everyone to enjoy our successes, as they happen, each and every day. If enough of you will help, no matter how small the amount, all of this can and will be accomplished. The long wait will be over. We can finally get all of these projects started and growing stronger throughout the remainder 2012 and into the coming years.


So, once again, your $1.00 can repair a leaky roof on an orphanage in Vietnam. It can bring basic medical care and school supplies to children in a small village in  Kazakhstan. It can bring something as simple as giving the comfort of a new teddy bear to a lonely little girl or boy who needs to feel they matter to someone too! That “someone” can be you. The cost of ONE CAN OF COKE coming from enough people, can make all of this happen. I hope it will seem worthwhile to you as well. I thank you in advance for any help you can send our way. Never think it's too small an amount to donate. Because I assure you… it’s not. TOGETHER, we truly CAN “Change the World.” Let’s finally get this “dream” started. You can contribute directly through Paypal by going to the "Donations" page of this website. 

And please always remember… every penny counts.

Thanks again for caring. 


Jim Whitcomb - Founder/Director of Jim’s Projects


*** Please also see for much more information on our organization. Thanks!